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Re-imagining the pulse of club music, Avelina DeCandia, hailing from Minneapolis and known by her moniker 'avas', emerges as a rising luminary in the experimental-electronic realm. Known for her penchant of stripping back compositions to their core elements and catapulting them into overdrive, her sonic creations evoke imagery of an 808 drum machine that's taken a fall down one too many stairs, yet somehow still keeps perfect rhythm. Drawing inspiration from a spectrum of contemporary genres including trap, ballroom, jersey club, grime R&B, Chicago techno and house, even echoes of early 2010's pop music, avas delivers a unique sonic experience. From the cavernous expanse of nightclubs to the intimate confines of basement gatherings, her music saturates the space with seismic bass frequencies and laser-targeted, infectious drum patterns.Fueled by her fervent passion for nocturnal exploration and sonic innovation, Avelina founded the international collective and label xlx while living in Chicago, aiming to carve out a spotlight for underrepresented music in the usual club landscape. Upon her return to Minneapolis in 2023, she became intertwined with local collective Crimes Against Ravers, catalyzing the city's lively underground scene by infusing it with her distinctive sound. From bustling bars to DIY house shows, avas has graced stages around the globe to audiences in Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Barcelona and many more.In early 2023, avas unveiled her single 'DUO' with understated grace, gradually captivating the attention of underground club music aficionados and solidifying her position as a rising star in the scene. Complementing this milestone, her repertoire expanded with a series of remixes of Jam City, Lady Gaga and Perfume gaining attention on SoundCloud. April heralds the release of her debut EP 'data', a further exploration of her stripped back aesthetics and high octane sound, featuring collaborative efforts with the likes of New Zealand-based producer and vocalist jhl, alongside experimental pop darling plastic pet.Avelina's artistic odyssey has garnered recognition within the underground cricut, with accolades from Umru, BABii, Jam City and Gaszia of the esteemed EDM duo X&G, further affirming her burgeoning influence and catalyzing her ascent as a trailblazer within electronic music.

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